Feed supplement bolus for improving reproductive performance


Each bolus of Beta4vet®contains Beta Carotene, Organic Trace Minerals and Vitamin E

Beta4vet® bolus shows benefits such as:
  • Supplementation of all “Fertility Factors”
  • Higher conception rate
  • Improved synthesis of reproductive hormones
  • Freedom from uncertain hormone usage leading to better health and performance of animal
  • Increased immunity

Beta4vet® may be recommended orally for large animals as per below:
  • To improve heat
    One bolus for 5 days during the cycle
  • To improve conception rate
    One bolus for 5 days before and after artificial insemination
  • To prevent Retention of Placenta (ROP)
    One bolus for 5 days before calving
  • To maintain pregnancy
    One bolus for 5 days in each trimester

Packaging & Storage

Beta4vet® is available in pack of 5 boli and 10 boli.
Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.