Beta4Vet® Bolus

Contains Beta Carotene, Organic Trace Minerals & Vitamin E. Feed supplement bolus for improving reproductive performance.


Bypass fat min. 99%
HFM® is indicated to increase milk production & fat content.

HiFCR® Powder

HiFCR® Powder contains monensin, biotin, choline, minerals & metabolites. HiFCR® is indicated for improving feed utilization, sub-acute ruminal acidosis & poor growth.

InomilkTM Gold

Double strength calcium with phosphorous, vitamin B12, biotin, Jeevanti & Satavari. Oral solution for improving milk production & easy let down of milk.


Micronized calcium & phosphorous suspension. Oral solution for improving milk production.


Sodium Acid Phosphate 99% w/w. P-SodaTM is indicated for hypophosphatemia, PPH, milk fever & PICA.

ProtinC® Oral Liquid

Protein, propylene glycol, biotin & minerals. ProtinC® is indicated for improving milk production, stress condition & poor growth.


Metho chelated mineral mixture with vitamins, bioactive chromium, d-biotin, choline & probiotics. Feed supplement powder for improving reproductive performance & milk yield.

ReproPlus® Gold

Imported chelated minerals with latest technology, vitamins, bioactive chromium, d-biotin & choline. Feed supplement powder for improving reproductive performance & milk yield.


Contains MOS, HSCAS (hydrated sodium calcium, alumino silicate), oxine copper & lacto bacillus. Toxcinil® is used for maximum utilization of feed, to prevent diseases of fungal origin & to improve overall productivity and immunity of animal.