Water soluble concentrate of Menthol, Eucalyptus oil & plant steroids


Is recommended for chickens to control the respiratory difficulties and aid in clinical symptoms of infectious respiratory disease.


Aflorin®-PL is water soluble concentrate based on a combination of natural essential oils of plant origin with saponins for the control of respiratory difficulties and aid of infectious respiratory disease.


Each ml of Aflorin®-PL contains menthol, eucalyptus and plant sterols.

Aflorin®-PL is recommended
  • For prevention of respiratory problems
  • As a supportive in respiratory diseases
  • For prevention of vaccination reaction
  • As an immune-stimulant
  • For alleviation of diseases and secondary bacterial infections

Usage Methods
  • Via drinking water at the rate of 200 ml/1,000 liters per 20,000 birds
  • Ideal application should be twice daily for 3 days
  • By spraying: 200 ml/10 liters of water, sprayed for 20,000 birds, twice per week

  • Avoid simultaneous use of Aflorin®-PL with live vaccines
  • Withdraw Aflorin®-PL two days prior to administration of live vaccines and withhold it for 2 days post live vaccine administration

Packaging & Storage

Aflorin®-PL is available in 250 ml & 1000 ml polypropylene bottles. Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight in an unopened packing. Colour change or variation does not affect product performance.