Vitamin E & Selenium powder


Each gram Vita-E-SelTM contains: Vitamin E 100 mg Selenium 1 mg

  • Improves immune response & vaccine performance by activating cell mediated immunity, antibody production & phagocytic activity
  • Biotin prevents fatty and liver kidney syndrome
  • Biotin improves growth rate
  • Reduces early embryonic mortality
  • Improves weight gain in broilers and egg production in layers by improving FCR
  • Prevents diseases like Exudative Diathesis, Encephalomalacia (Crazy Chick Disease) and muscular dystrophy
  • Improves fertility and hatchability in breeders
  • Antioxidant activity of Vitamin E helps to relive stress
  • Overcome leg weakness and dermatitis

Dosage & Administration
Chicks, Growers, Layers and Breeders 5 g per 200 birds
Broilers 5 g per 50 birds
In feed 150 – 200 g per ton of feed
Or, as directed by the Veterinary Practitioner


200 g